Monday, August 05, 2002

VIBE-Ing out the Ads in VIBE

by Wayne Robins

Just checking out the September 2002 issue of Vibe magazine. At 256 pages thick, this Ninth Anniversary issue makes it clear that Vibe is Vogue for a new generation. The layout and design are easy on the could say the look no longer strains the orbs or the attention span of the mature reader. The advertisements are upscale across the board. From fashion: Hilfiger, Gap, DKNY, Diesel to more hip-hop style brands Stacey Adams (SAO) shoes, Roca Wear, Lugs, and Sean John. There's a four-page display for house favorite Courvoisier (not my house: Sean's house); on the first page, a bottle of the XO Imperial which sells for $144.26 from one online retailer. (At that price, I wouldn't use it in the CV Cosmo featured on the inside pages). There are also ads for the NAACP, the US Navy, the US Army, and the Air National Guard. The best page, though, was an ad for Bob Marley footwear, five different, attractive, and hip-looking two-tones, part-sneaker, part-shoe, with Bob Marley writ large on the side of the heel along with the Rastafarian flag with Lion of Judah logo. My thought? Bob Marley died for our shins.

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