Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Well, it's May 12 again, and that means it's still Paula Sue's birthday. Which means I'll look for Antonioni's "Blow-up" on IFC or Sundance channel, and maybe listen to some Doors songs, especially from "Strange Days."

Those who wonder where they can read WR when he's not blogging can often find me on Friday's in the Record, (formerly the Bergen Record), the excellent and not-chain-owned suburban newspaper in Hackensack, N.J. I do profiles of artists appearing in the NYC/NJ area, usually based on a phone interview. I've done everyone from Paul Kelly to British Sea Power to Holly Near to Willie Colon...quite a grab bag: My editors, obviously, have interesting taste.

These days I'm also contributing to No Depression, the Boston Phoenix (where a piece on Franz Ferdinand will be appearing shortly)...and I'm spending days working as a copy editor with on the crackerjack desk at Billboard magazine. One of the benefits of spending time there is that there are always CDs floating around to bring home and listen to: two of this week's finds include the quite excellent modern garage band sounds of the 45s, and an astonishingly good and fascinating autobiographical LP from Eric Burdon called "My Secret Life." I hope to write about it more extensively soon, if not here, then somewhere else. I'll let you know.

Happy birthday Paula Sue, wherever you may be. The only thing certain in life is that you'll always be seven months older than me.

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