Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Three items arrived in my in-box a few hours apart this morning. Coincidence or trend? Let's go to the videotape.

1. RATT. Rhino Records is releasing both a DVD collection and a best of CD on July 31. The DVD collection is so momentous that it requires two, yes, two, colons in the title. "Ratt: Videos from the Cellar: the Atlantic Years." The audio CD, "Tell the World: the Very Best of Ratt," features one, yes, one, unreleased track.

2. JOURNEY. Jeff Scott Soto has left the band after 11 months as lead singer.

3. EDDIE MONEY. The breakthrough the recording industry has been seeking in its battle against piracy may have finally occurred. Eddie Money—or, as the press release states, "rock legend Eddie Money"—has come out against illegal downloading and file-sharing. "If you truly like music, don't steal it," Money was quoted as saying. No word whether Money is planning to do public service announcements with that other 1980s star, McGruff the Crime Dog.

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