Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Like thousands, perhaps millions, I've been getting spam with intriguingly phrased subject lines: It's as if the robots had a nervous breakdown at an automated fortune cookie factory.

The patterned language lends itself to rearrangement to more purely appreciate the artistry of the message. So here is a spam poem, cut-and-pasted for your illumination, and wishes of better future for all whip purchasers.


infuriatingly Tuesday
today. We jampacked allstar
Better success, world premiere
Better success, yarn washer.

difficult solve, tougher tennis
Better success, well agreeing
Better success, wing bolt
better future, wing rail

endlessly mama
better future, whip purchase
Better Success, wren warbler
Better Life, yeast bee

the fashion of newest creation
better future, willow beauty
Better success, winter pink
Better life, wide-skirted

—Wayne Robins

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