Wednesday, December 28, 2005


My Ten Best CDs of 2005


It's that time of the year. Actually, I first made this list around Thanksgiving. I'm going to stick with it for now. But there were quite a lot of contenders that, if I had spent more time with them, might have nudged their way in. But that would have meant moving up the Waco Bros., and probably bumping Delbert, Poncho and/or Oasis. Fiona Apple, Rodney Crowell and Danger Doom may have been just as deserving. Especially Fiona, which I didn't get a chance to become obsessed with until late in the year. Anyway, these best-ofs often reveal much about the list maker. So what does this list say?

1. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, "Exploration" (New West).
2. Ry Cooder, "Chavez Ravine" (Nonesuch).
3. Robert Earl Keen, "What I Really Mean" (Koch).
4. Thea Gilmore, "Loftmusic" (Compass).
5. Oasis, "Don't Believe the Truth" (Epic).
6. Amy Rigby, "Little Fugitive" (Signature Sounds).
7. Delbert McClinton, "Cost of Living" (New West).
8. Poncho Sanchez, "Do It!" (Concord Picante).
9. Soundtrack Of Our Lives," "Origin Vol.1" (Republic/Universal).
10. Waco Brothers, "Freedom & Weep" (Bloodshot).

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