Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette> endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president.

So did
Bruce Springsteen


My MySpace Hobby

I got distracted by a MySpace page that my friends in the band Renmibi helped me set up for my book,
"A Brief History of Rock, Off the Record." It's been an interesting distraction—a little mini-hobby—that has allowed me to connect or reconnect with some real friends and acquaintances and give some "friend" space to acts I like. Just before the Rolling Stones concert movie "Shine A Light" opened, the MySpace home page flashed an offer hard to resist: Martin Scorsese wants to be your friend. So I sent one of my favorite directors an invitation, and of course, Marty has been one of my top friends ever since!

I was so distracted that I neglected to even post a happy anniversary to this blog, which was 6-years-old at the end of March.

While I adjust the protocols to link to the book's page, you can visit it at:

Google News


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