Monday, July 24, 2006

It's bad enough when our favorite songs become deployed as TV commercials: In my mind, "Happy Jack" by the Who as the theme for the Hummer, the most antisocial automobile ever manufactured, stands among the most unacceptable.

But it's really bad when we hear a song and immediately start thinking about how it can be used in an advertisement. I was listening to "White Room" by Cream the other day.

When Jack Bruce (who wrote the song with Peter Brown) sings: "You said no strings could secure you at the station. Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows," I quickly wrote a mental memo to myself.

"Get in touch with Apple. Would be great for use in a campaign to get people to switch from PC's to Mac: "Goodbye Windows."

By the way, there is no better summer song for 2006 than the "It's like one billion degrees" commercial for Dunkin' Donuts' frozen drink, the "Coolatta." It's the best song They Might Be Giants have done in years. I guess there are still a few weeks left for them to stretch it out and have a smash.
--Wayne Robins

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