Thursday, September 15, 2005


Taking the Night Train to New Orleans' WWOZ

Our friend Aaron Fuchs is one of the great unheralded heroes of the birth of hip-hop with his Tuff City label. But I'm especially interested these days in the offerings of Tuff City's Night Train label, a sort of musical salon for those of us for who no funk or R&B is too obscure, especially New Orleans R&B. For the month of September, a portion of any Tuff City purchase will benefit some of the Crescent City institutions the label supports. This is the place to go not just for any of the relatively famous artists, like Eddie Bo, but for both compilations and albums, in vinyl and CD (and even some cassette, I think) by the likes of...Sam & the Soul Machine, the Fantoms, the Gaturs, Senator Jones, Wardell Quezerque, you know, the real deal.

Also on the Tuff City site are links to the great New Orleans "Jazz & Heritage" station WWOZ. The disaster forced 'OZ to sign off from its usual 90.7 FM spot Aug. 27. They are trying to get temporary facilities up and running in October, but until then, "WWOZ in Exile" is beaming by streaming on the Internet. The WWOZ in Exile also has a comprehensive list of New Orleans music and radio folks who are alive and accounted for.

Here is what WWOZ played in the last hour:
Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze
16:33:33 Tom Morgan - Tom Morgan ID 7
16:29:12 Johnny Adams - I Underestimated You
16:26:54 Jimmy Reed - Baby What You Want Me To Do
16:24:39 John Lee Hooker - This is Hip
16:19:48 New Orleans Spiritualettes - Ninety Nine And A Half
16:16:17 Solomon Burke - The More
16:15:55 Jason Isaac ID - Tipitinas Foundation
16:13:21 Various Artists - Paul Gayten & Myrtle Jones - Right to Love You
16:11:04 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Little Demon

Check 'em out, and, if in your grasp, help 'em out.

More later,

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