Sunday, December 07, 2003


This just in: the BCS computers have spoken, and the chant "We're number two, we're number two!" has never sounded so good. Oklahoma's unexpected thrashing by Kansas State Saturday still left the Sooners at number one, but USC's ho-hum win over Oregon State and the Tigers' decisive, dominant defeat of number five Georgia got the BCS computers smokin' and jukin'. And when the machines stopped rattling and rolling, it's Oklahoma number one and LSU number two, meaning they meet for the national championship Jan. 4, 2004 in the Sugar Bowl. Now the Sugar Bowl, as it is has ever been, is in New Orleans, so not only are the Tigers in the Big One, they've got home field advantage, or, as we LSU fans in exile say here in New York: "The Wild Tchoupitoulas 'gonna stomp some rump."

--Wayne Robins

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