Monday, September 21, 2009



NBC’s lengthy Sunday night advertorial for the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium was intermittently interrupted by a football game. Al Michaels’ narration became increasingly maddening as the dramatic game between the Cowboys and New York Giants headed towards the decisive final second. (And yes, announcer emeritus John Madden was there, but sadly, as a spectator and halftime interview guest of Bob Costas.) The constant reversals of fortune between the Giants and Cowboys, one of the NFL great rivalries, was lost in Michaels’ relentless shilling for the the $1.15 billion “Jerryland.” Michaels could not have been more obsequious if he had announced before the game that he was leaving the network to seek a job as Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’ personal publicist. Michaels’ announcing booth partner Cris Collinsworth struggled honorably but perhaps too passively to direct the focus towards the game, which was won by the Giants, 33-31, on two consecutive field goals by Lawrence Tynes. (The first was voided when the Cowboys’ were granted a time out as the first final kick seemed to be in progress). —Wayne Robins

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