Saturday, January 22, 2005

Musical Flight with Song

Recently I visited Florida for some family business, and now I understand why Delta calls its new budget airline
Song. With dozens of music channels as part of their Dish network in-flight programming at each seat, I spent most of my flights breezing through tunes or styles that I hadn't otherwise had time to spend with.

On the flight from LaGuardia to West Palm Beach, I listened to the "chill" channel, a so-called "broadcast" offering. Mixes were by DJ Thomas Golubic. I'll have to have my friend and colleague, Mixmaster Michael Paoletta tell me more about DJ Tom. But the tracks were an ear-satisfying blend of Golubic's reconstitutions of familiar stuff by Moby ("I'm Not Worried At All"), the Isley Brothers ("Spirit in the Dark") and even Jose Feliciano ("Sunny"), along with more consciously , and metrosexual fare by Zero 7, Groove Armada, and Kid Loco, whose "Flying on a 747" was appropriate, even if the plane in question was actually a Boeing 757. Turn-on's included the British duo Bent ("Beautiful Others"), and a track by Ian Brown, formerly of the Stone Roses.

Although the flight attendants gave out those little earbud listening devices, my Ultrasone S-Logic HFI-550 Beatmaster headphones jack fit right into the console, so I had superior sound all the way. The flight back had more variety, which I'll get to later.

(c) 2005 Wayne Robins.

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