Thursday, May 17, 2007

Notebook spring cleaning: Here are Some records I've listened to a little bit that I plan to listen to more, and tracks that have caught my ear:

Ed Pettersen, "The Real Punk Blues." When he's sharp, he's very sharp, in the vein of John Prine, Robert Earl Keen and Elvis Costello. ("Gather the Family 'Round," "Jimmy Parker," "Chelsea."

Southern Culture On the Skids: "Countrypolitan Favorites." Bringing ragged glory to classics ranging from "Wolverton Mountain" to "Muswell Hillbillies."

Lee Hazlewood: "Cake or Death." If Leonard Cohen had been a hustler (but a very adept musical one) in the sleazy early days of the L.A. music biz. "Fred Freud," "Baghdad Knights."

Ry Cooder: "My Name is Buddy." Not nearly the trip that was "Chavez Ravine." Still, folklorically adept and politically direct. "J. Edgar," "Sundown Town."

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