Saturday, October 30, 2004

It's four days before the election. Jon Bovi with Kerry in Iowa today, a good Saturday to be touring the midwest on what is easily the most irrelevant and dull college football Saturday in memory. (Except, of course, Michigan v. Michigan State in that unlikely "swing" state, and, further, into Bush country, Oklahoma v. Oklahoma State). But if you don't live there, or attend those schools, you don't care.

Anyway, all sports seem a little soft after the Red Sox exorcism. What could possibly top that? Well, Osama Bin Laden, tossing his beard into the presidential race. What exquisite comic timing the Evil One has! After watching the video of Bin Laden, my mother-in-law called to say, "Why does he look so good?" Indeed, he looks tan, well-rested, vigorous. What he really looked like was something out of science fiction: Ming the Merciless of Flash Gordon fame, perhaps, going on worldwide television (and who could have imagined worldwide television when that was a dramatic technique in "Superman" comics?). The message was also right out of science fiction, and a little oblique: It was, essentially, Earthlings, you have nothing to fear but your own fear. And you should be afraid, for none of your weakling armies or politicians can save you. Hahahahahahaha!

In the last days of the Presidential horse race, the mind-warped media and frothing candidates wonder about the meaning of Bin Laden's message. But I see it as advantage, Kerry. A reminder to those millions of Bush believers who have been convinced to forget that it was Bin Laden who attacked America and took down the World Trade Center. Even they must be asking: If we've got Al Qaeda on the run, as Bush claims, why does Osama look so healthy? And by the way, why hasn't America captured him.

Of course, Cheney/Bush wants you to think a vote for Kerry is a vote for Bin Laden, somehow. In the perverted Cheney/Bush worldview, a war hero (Kerry) is too weak and indecisive to be Commander in Chief, while Cheney and Bush, who did everything in their power to avoid combat in Vietnam, when their country needed them, are somehow "strong." Americans of a certain jib have always liked the strong, stupid type. It's amazing that both undecideds out there (one in Canton, Ohio, the other in Kissimmee, Fla.) haven't asked themselves another question: Why IS Osama still out there? Wasn't Bush singing that Bon Jovi song to Bin Laden three years ago:
"Wanted Dead or Alive"?

You don't have to be Michael Moore to wonder if the Bush family is giving their friends and business associates in the Bin Laden family another free pass. Something like professional courtesy.

--Wayne Robins

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