Monday, April 29, 2002


McCartney Miracle Seats, and Howard Stern Too!
A report by Wayne's Words correspondent Debbie Cohn-Orbach

"Friday night David and I went to see Paul McCartney at Madison Sq. Garden. We literally had the last row seats in the theater. They were terrible, but at least
we were there. We had binoculars, but the angle wasn't great. Before the show we were talking about how hard it will be to sit through his 2 1/2 hour set way up
there and were hoping that our "neighbors" would be into the show and not too loud, drunk, or disturbing, like they were for Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
Then, someone approached us and said Paul would like to offer us an upgrade on our seats. We thought he was kidding, but handed us front row center seats
and said "follow me".
On the way to the seats he explained how he works for Paul and how Paul likes to give out good seats to people in the back. I asked why he picked us, and he
said it looked like we would have fun. We were going down the back staircase in the Garden. Suddenly I noticed it was just us and John Stamos on the stairs. I
decided I wouldn't ever have this chance again, so I approached John said hi and said something about the fact that he has been hanging out with Howard Stern
a lot lately. He said Yeah and laughed. I told him we were just given front row seats, and he said it was cool and put his hand out to shake mine. He told us to
have a good time.

As we made our way down to the floor, we entered at the same time Howard Stern and his girlfriend did. I was trying to say hi, but David felt it would
jeapordize our seats if I had any more delays (we temporarilly lost the people bringing us to our seats when I stopped to talk to John).

So, there we were, front and center for Paul McCartney. He was totally into interacting with the people in the front. He was looking at me and singing, so I
waved, and he raised his hand from the piano and waved back. It was a pretty amazing experience. At times I started looking around for celebrities. I watched
Howard a lot during the show.

Today, when Howard started talking on the radio about how great the show was, I just had to call in. I wanted to show our appreciation for the seats and didn't
know how to reach that guy who worked for Paul. I got on the air right away and told Howard not only was the show great, but Paul was very generous and
gave us front row seats. He was impressed."

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