Sunday, February 01, 2004

It's Half-Time at the Super Bowl

by Wayne Robins

Excellent first half. Manchester United and Arsenal were playing a tense scoreless tie, the big surprise being Manchester striker Adam Vinatieri missed two open penalty shots. About about 26:30 of the first half, however, all heck broke loose, goals began being scored with manic alacrity, and the half ended 14-10. (Oh...I'm told by the desk that it wasn't Man United vs. Arsenal but the Patriots versus the Panthers...never mind!)

Halftime show: Janet Jackson bogus. P. Diddy looking good, Nelly with the charisma edge, and Kid Rock, wearing an American flag-motif tallis, forcing my kids to ask the question: "Why does anyone like him?" We suspect Kid Rock nation is like, NASCAR kids, small town midwestern and southern suburban adolescent boys who like a little rap, a little rock and roll, but frankly, would rather be in the den maxxing out on the XBox or PlayStation.

So far commercials disappointingly dreary. Bud Light's commercials, what with a horse farting a candle flame into a torch that sears a lovely blonde during a supposedly romantic moment the most embarrassing. Bud Light's demographic seems to be dropping along with the taste of its ad writers: They seem to be trying to ween 14-year-old boys away from Kid Rock's Coors Light. Ain't that America!

(c) 2004 Wayne Robins

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