Thursday, April 19, 2007


Who's Generation

In the last few days two different former college roomates have e-mailed a You Tube video of a recent performance of the Who's "My Generation." The version by the Zimmers It is quite different in tone and mood from the first time I saw the Who do this generational anthem, at a Murray the K show in 1967 at the RKO Theater in Manhattan. Like previous Murray the K shows at the Brooklyn Fox earlier in the decade, this one ran for consecutive days (in this case, it was 9 days), with a potpourri of acts doing perhaps two songs each, six times each day. Besides the Who (Who did "Can't Explain" as well as "My Generation,") the acts at the show I caught included Wilson Pickett, Cream, and the Mitch Ryder Show, an ill-conceived attempt to make Ryder a pop-soul star backed by an orchestra and without the Detroit Wheels. Longtime U.K. music business insider Keith Altham wrote a cute profile called The Who in New York that appeared in the September, 1967 issue of Hit Parader.

The Zimmers

Altham's article:

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