Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Nothing Much Happens in Spain-Portugal Match

by Wayne Robins

Nothing much happened in the much anticipated battle for Iberia as the two European soccer powers that share the peninsula pretty much played patty cakes for 90 minutes in a 2010 World Cup matchup. Some guy from Spain scored a goal, so Spain won, 1-0 and advanced to the quarterfinals in South Africa. Portugal looked flat, and Spain didn't exactly strike fear into the hearts and legs of its next opponent, Paraguay. At one point, the announcer spoke of a match in which a team scored nil (zero), and was lucky to score nil at that, so lacking was its offensive effort. Portugal played like that at times today, looking nothing like the squad that scored seven goals, count 'em, seven, goals against North Korea last week. In fact, North Korea was the only team Portugal scored against this World Cup, with previous contests against Brazil and Ivory Coast ending as nil-nil ties. Despite Spain's mediocre performance, it has a good chance of advancing as its next opponent is middling Paraguay, which managed to edge feisty Japan after 120 scoreless minutes in a penalty kick shootout.

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